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Main Application window with the Home panel showing



When the system starts up, the Main Application window is presented. The Main Application window contains the application menus and a web links bar running across the bottom of the window. Inside the Main Application window, the "Home" panel with the P3 product logo is presented by default.

The space occupied initially by the "Home" panel can be replaced by two other highly useful job management panels. They are the Job List panel and the Job Calendar panel. These alternate panels can be displayed using the Jobs menu or the buttons that run across the top of the "Home" panel.

  • Application Menus - These menus provide access to the various functions and windows within the system. Certain menu items are specific to the Job List panel and the Job Calendar panel and are only enabled when those panels are showing.
  • Web Links - A set of buttons may appear at the bottom of the screen that will launch your web browser and directly access a special web site such as the P3 Software web site.

Home Panel

The "Home" panel that appears when you start up contains some useful information and links or buttons that access the rest of the P3 system.

License Status - The Main Application window also displays your license status at the bottom center white section of the screen. Double clicking on the license description will cause the System Information Window to pop-up.

Release - On the lower right-hand corner of the white section of the Main Application window, the Release date of your software will be displayed. In the rare case that a problem occurs, this date may be useful in diagnosing the problems with your system.

Button Bar - The button bar on the "Home" window gives the user quick access to the most frequently used options from the "Home" window. These functions are also accessible through the application menus.

  • Job List - Clicking this button will display the Job List window which lists your print jobs and their details.
  • Calendar - Clicking this button will display the Job Calendar window which shows job due dates using a familiar calendar display format.
  • Update Prices - This button launches the Update Prices window through which you can collect any prices suppliers have posted for your quote requests.
  • New Job - This button allows you to immediately create a new print job and opens the Job Master Window for the new job.
  • Exit - Closes P3Expeditor

Application Menus


This dropdown menu contains a set of highly useful functions that affect the system globally:

  • "Home" - Displays the Home panel in the Main Application window.
  • "My Settings Window" - Opens the My Settings Window where users can modify personal and enterprise-wide system preferences.
  • "Update Prices" - Launches the Update Prices window to collect your latest price updates from the P3software Server.
  • "Update Prices All Users" - (Only Enterprise administrators will see this menu item.) Launches the Update Prices window to collect the latest price updates from the P3software Server for all users on the Enterprise User List.
  • "Update License" - Connects to the P3Software Server and collects the latest information in your license record.
  • "Update Application" - (Only visible with the installed version.) Launches a mechanism that can retrieve newer versions of the P3Expeditor software.
  • "Change Password" - Launches the Change Password window so you can change your account password.
  • "Web Account Login" - Launches the user's browser and logs on to the P3Software Customer Website where users can edit their account password and add logos for display on emails and the supplier response page.
  • "Exit" - Shuts the system down.
Global dropdown menu


The Jobs menu contains functions for manipulating print job files through the Job List window. These functions will be explored as part of the description of the Job List window.
Jobs dropdown menu


Accesses the "Supplier List" section where you can maintain a list of print suppliers that can be assigned to quote on your jobs.
Suppliers dropdown menu


Accesses the Customer Manager Window section where you can maintain a list of customers. These customers can be sent reports, business proposals or invoices.
Customers dropdown menu


Accesses the Item Manager Window of the P3 system. Item codes can be associated with your print jobs for cost tracking and inventory management purposes.
Items dropdown menu


The Reports menu has one link to the Reporting System window where users can run reports from your database of jobs. The other menu items are reports specific to the Job List window and will be discussed with it.
Reports dropdown menu


The Help menu provides web links to "Help Introduction", "Help Home", "Help Job List", "Help Calendar", "Start Up Tips-Welcome", "Start Up Tips-Calendar" and "Email P3Support".
Help dropdown menu

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