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Welcome to the P3Pediatm

Everything you ever wanted to know about the P3Software system. This wiki contains educational information about P3Software, inc. and its products for print procurement, reselling and sourcing management. Its intent is to provide a growing knowledge base for the P3 user community.

The name P3Pedia joins our "P3" which stands for Print Planning and Procurement "Pedia" which comes from the greek word for education. This is similar to the word encyclopedia which means general (or all around) education.

P3Software, Inc.

A company devoted to facilitating business transactions in the print industry.


The Print Procurement Planning system developed by P3Software.


P3 Software System Help Pages - Explanations of the various features and functions of the P3Expeditor system.
Release Notes - Listing of the latest enhancements to the P3Software System.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Data Security and Disaster Recovery - A brief overview of our back-up and disaster recovery plans.
Whitelist Information - Information regarding email deliver-ability and SPAM settings.
Migration To NetPlus - Overview for legacy customers on migration to the NetPlus system.

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