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Our mission is a simple one - P3Software produces easy to use, affordable software solutions for the print buying community. We intend to offer low cost print procurement software that any business can easily justify. We will continue to add features and support to make it invaluable to print buyers around the world.


The concept for original P3Software product P3Expeditor is based on a series of other products that were developed and marketed in the mid-1990s. Building on the original concept of a software system for print buyers, the P3Software team developed a significantly enhanced software solution and new set of Internet based communication features.

Using their more than 40 years of combined print industry experience and an experienced software development team, they added new features that greatly improved the print management capabilities, while significantly lowering the cost of service associated with the product. So, the P3Software products that you see today, have evolved and improved over many years, always becoming a better way to buy,resell and manage print.



Bob Yancich, Executive Vice-President of Sales
P3Software, Inc.
PO Box: 0550
Newton, MA 02459
(01) 508-315-8000 x126

"A better way to buy print"

P3Software provides print buyers and brokers with print procurement management tools that are quick to learn, easy to use and affordable. Our core system is truly a "turn-key" solution that anyone can set up and operate in a matter of minutes. Go to www.p3software.com and get started with an immediately available 30-day free trial.


It is a well established fact that competitive bidding saves print buyers 20-40% over sole sourcing print purchases. Yet many print buyers or brokers do not competitively bid all their work, because the process takes too much time. Our system dramatically reduces the time it takes to get print estimates from the qualified print providers you choose to work with. This ensures you get the best value on all your print jobs from the suppliers you trust.


Plus, P3 documents and tracks the savings you generate for your organization. After all what is the point of working hard to save money if you cannot demonstrate those savings to others in your organization.


P3Expeditor can tell you who you print with, how much you print with them and how good a job they are doing for you. Of course we track costs and quotes, but we also help you track job history, deadline performance and supplier quality. So when your key suppliers ask, "How am I doing?" you can give them specific detailed feedback on how they can serve you better. You'll also be able to show your customers how you ensure that they are getting the best value from the best suppliers.


Time is money. We realize that our customer's time is valuable, so every feature in P3Expeditor is constantly being scrutinized for ways to cut time, key strokes and complexity out of the process. That is why P3Expeditor is so easy to adopt and why our customers keep coming back every year. Beside saving you labor, many customers find they get quotes and jobs faster because there are fewer questions and supplier instructions are clear and simple. And most important of all, when the heat is on and you need answers, getting job details out of P3Expeditor is much faster than sorting through paperwork.


Our clients span the globe and range from organizations that buy printing directly:
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities,
  • Large non-profit organizations and associations,
  • Financial Services,
  • Manufacturers,
  • Retailers,
  • Pharmaceutical Companies,
  • Publishers,
  • Health Maintenance Organizations,
To intermediaries that buy and sell printing for others:
  • Graphic Designers,
  • Advertising Agencies,
  • Print Management Firms,
  • Direct Mail Providers,
  • Print Brokers and Distributors,
  • Print Manufacturers,
  • In-Plant printers.
P3Software has customers in all these sectors and more. The one thing they have in common is their desire to get the best value on their print purchases.

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