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The P3 System

New User
Logging on to the P3 system
The P3 system Main Application Window

Main Application Window

Job List
Copying Jobs
Job List Reports
Job Calendar
My Settings Window
User Info Tab
User Settings Tab
List Manager Tab
Message Editor Tab
Enterprise Tab
Report Logo Customization
File Transfer Manager
Re-Indexing the Job List
P3Software Customer Website
System Information Window
Supplier List
Supplier Record Details
Selecting Job Bidders
Customer Manager Window
Customer Details Window
Client Selection
Item Manager Window
Item List Configuration
New Items

Managing Jobs and Orders

Request For Quote Process Overview
RFQ Basic Options
RFQ Advanced Pricing Options
RFQ Versions
RFQ Cost Breakouts
RFQ Multi-Item Spec
Job Savings Calculation
Tracking Your Results

Job Work Flow
Job Status
Send RFQs
Supplier Response Page
Update Prices
Enter Bid Data
Compare Quotes & Award Job
Order Job
Complete Job

P3 System Job Master window
Job Master Window
General Info Tab
Top Level Job Information
Job Numbering
Job Schedule Information
Job Quantities Information
Selecting Job Bidders
Entering Job Specifications
Flexi Specs
Detailed Job Specs
General Instructions
Prepress Services
Press-Paper-Ink Component
Finishing Services for Print Component
Bindery Services
Shipping & Mailing
Collation & Insertion
Notes/History Tab
Cost Data Tab
Bid Comparison Window
Job Order Window
QuickBooks Purchase Order Integration
Job Master Menus*
Print Job Report
Job Ownership


About RateCards
RateCard Manager
RateCard List

The P3 System Project Manager

Managing Project Proposals & Invoices

Project Work Flow
Project Proposal Builder
Proposal Item Editor
Proposal Paper Cost Calculator*
Proposal Supplier Quote Selector*
Project Invoice Builder
Invoice Item Editor
Project Job List
Project Summary Reports
QuickBooks Invoice Integration*

Reporting System

System Management & Administration

Enterprise Features
Enterprise Data File Folders
Enterprise User List
Enterprise User Details Window
Job Ownership
File Locks
Safe Mode Errors
Enterprise Set Up Instructions
New Enterprise Check List
QuickBooks Integration
QB Licensing and Installation
QB Clients Management
QB Supplier Management
QB Purchase Orders
QB Invoices
Appendicies & Other Resources
Allocating Extra Memory for Java
Backing Up Your Jobs
Macintosh OSX Considerations
P3Expeditor Installation Folder
P3Expeditor Online Login
Additional Support Articles
Release Notes
Envelope Size Chart
Paper Weight Conversions

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